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Inventive Constellation Pvt Ltd is an India-based service company, provides highly responsive and dedicated oilfield repair & Maintenance services for the Oil & Gas Industry. We know that our clients in the Oil & Gas industries rely on safe, functioning equipment to reduce operational downtime and stay on budget. Our MAINTENANCE SERVICES division provides services to keep your assets operating at their peak performance. We will help you extend the useful life of your equipment.   Equipment repair and maintenance are essential in order to keep projects running smoothly, reliable and dependable. The ability to repair rather than replace critical equipment components is an economical option for an oilfield operation.

Inventive Procurement & Trading Services

We offer a fully dedicated sourcing / procurement services to operators in the Oil and gas industry through our reliable sourcing & stocking from quality suppliers worldwide. Sourcing is crucial in any industry; proficient skills and technical expertise in this field are essential to procuring the right products, at the right cost, and at the right time.

  • Sourcing, procurement & delivery from major supplies globally
  • Most affordable supply options, discounts, vender management, Transparency on cost
  • Maintain inventory for clients/OEMs as per the agreed stock levels
  • Expand supplier base through sourcing actions and qualification of new supplier equipment and service
  • Develop and set up purchase strategies that improve the competitiveness of our offer

Our policy is supplying original and genuine brand quality products, premium service, prompt delivery and customer’s complete satisfaction governs. Our Strong network, relationship and influence with manufacturers, enables us to offer superior packages of equipment to end users for specific high value. IPTS supplies including but not limited to:

  • Oil field equipments & consumables
  • NDT equipments & consumables,
  • Fasteners (Standard and non-standard)
  • Oil field Thread Protectors (Plastic, aluminium and Metal)
  • High Pressure fittings & accessories
  • Filter Screens ( Perforated / Wedge wire type )

We Supply ,

  • Hydraulic General Cylinder Parts
  • Special cylinders Manufacturing
  • High Pressure cylinders
  • Auto mobile Hydraulic Power pack
  • House crimping  at Any size
  • Hydraulic pump (gear pump , piston pump vane pump )

Earth moving jCB spare parts Hydraulic related

  • Pins
  • bush
  • cylinder
  • seal kit
  • Pads
  • Pump
  • Filters

Pneumatic Solutions

  • PU fittings
  • PU tubes 6mm to 14 mms
  • T ,Y Connectors
  • Valves etc ..

Tata Hitachi parts on Request ,Special Powerpack Manufacturing any size , Wood splitter machine manufacturing , Rubber mounting Manufacturing

Industrial hydraulic machinery service and any modification with consultancy

Scissor lift  , Hydraulic cylinder , pumps , valves , peddle pump supply

Big tipper 82 litter pump , Allied tipper parts

1 and 2 unit tipper complete hydraulic repair, Pump , filters , hydraulic oil , valve Etc

Inventive Maintenance services​

Maintenance management is associated with the direction and organization of various resources so as to control the availability and performance of the industrial equipment or unit to some specified level. It may be treated as a restorative function of production management which is entrusted with the task of keeping equipment/machines and plant services ever available in proper operating condition.

Maintenance activities are related with repair, replacement and service of components in an assembly or equipment so that it may continue to operate at a specified ‘availability’ for a specified period.

Controlling an asset’s integrity is a task that can encompass several different aspects of inspection. From the simplest of pressure tests to a full strip down and refurbishment to manufacturer’s original specifications the level of requirement can vary greatly depending on the criticality and specificity of the design.

Inventive Maintenance Management Solution is uniquely able to handle all aspects of asset integrity. The cleaning can be as simple as power wash and blast clean all the way through to a back to bare metal. Once prepared for inspection all equipment is subject to a close visual inspected to ascertain if any underlying faults exist that would immediately halt the maintenance program. Moving on from the visual inspection various inspection techniques such as MPI/DPI are applied to catch potential failure sites before they progress to a fault.

Once past the various inspection phases all soft parts along with any worn or damaged components are replaced with OEM spares and function tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures. Once assembled and function tested a full body pressure test is performed to the manufacturer’s specification to ensure that the Maximum Working Pressures are safely handled.

The internal components are passed out to the corrosion’s coatings division for coatings application in accordance with its service requirements. With a full strip back and recoating, refurbished equipment’s lifespan can be extended as unseen corrosion is eliminated before it can progress and diminish the materials properties.


Repairs are carried out based on customer requirements. Common repair processes include the following: 

  • Replacing of old coatings
  • Re-chasing or re-threading of rotary connections
  • Modification and resizing of damaged tools
  • Weld repair and stress relieving
  • Heat treatment

Inventive Inspection Services

Inventive Maintenance Solutions (IMS) in associated with a reputed organizations can offer a full range of nondestructive testing (NDT) for the petroleum and natural gas industry. IMS provides NDT inspection services for Down Hole Tooling and Structural applications, including Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic and Visual Testing. Our team renders services in accordance with industry specified codes/standards or customer specific requirements.

Nondestructive testing applies to all stages of an item’s construction and use. When a facility performs new production welds, weld repairs, or even mechanically removes metal from their equipment, testing is required to ensure the integrity of their equipment has not been compromised in the process.

There are many forms of Non-Destructive Testing that can be utilized to ensure your equipment is free of defects and complies with code minimum requirements. We offer a wide variety of solutions to achieve code and environmental compliance. The broad group of analysis techniques provides these benefits:

  • Accident prevention
  • Quality control
  • Cost optimization
  • Improved reliability
  • Repair diagnostics
  • End of life planning and scheduling

Inspection Service Provided

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid / Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Boro-Scope Inspection
  • Radiography
  • Hardness Testing
  • Load Testing

Inventive Calibration & Testing Services


Key benefits:

  • Minimize dangerous and costly equipment failure.
  • Reduces waste
  • Renews older equipment, making it competitive again
  • Reduces bottom line by retrofitting pre-existing equipment
  • Extends equipment life cycle
  • Brings required repairs & any related upgradation to customer attention
  • Ensures optimal equipment function so you can maximize profits
  • Shows dedication to providing quality service to your customers
  • Enhances equipment performance and uptime
  • Positive contribution to your company’s reputation
  • Saves time and money when your equipment is up and running properly

To supplement these technical capabilities Inventive Constellation have invested in infrastructure to guarantee the highest degree of confidence and technical competence exists within its service department.

Quality Assurance


Our Service technicians follow strict quality assurance / quality control procedures to ensure all tools will function properly when sent to location. Every tool is completely disassembled, blast cleaned, inspected, and reassembled. Only original manufacturer’s parts are used when damaged components are non-repairable and must be replaced.

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